Problems Again!

On the way from Hyder this morning, about 15 miles away, I felt something slightly unusual in the Barth, going up a long hill. I shut off the wipers, the defrosters, the heaters, the radio, but all seemed well. Not much matter either way, as there was no where to stop.

The first opportunity, I finally found a pullout, and started to inspect everything. What I found was not pleasant.

The right front tire on the Jeep had blown out or gone flat. By the time I stopped, there were only slight remnants of a tire left. The alloy rim was badly damaged. The missing tire caused the front wheels to crab to the right, so the left tire had been half rolling, half scrubbing sideways. It was smoking, or steaming from the rain.

As I considered putting the spare in place of the missing tire, I unhooked the Jeep, during which process it became aware that there were no brakes. I did not inspect closely in the muddy rain, but I suspect that the tire remnants took out the brakes.

At this point it was clear that there was nothing I could do at this miserable sight, so I returned to a service station/truck repair place in Stewart, arranged for a tow, and I will find out the damages in the morning, as the garage was closed on Sunday.

So I will need a new rim, two new tires, and a brake repair, so I have no idea how long I will be at Stewart/Hyder. Since I have already seen everything, and since I do not have the Jeep, it is now rather boring, so I have resorted to the 100 hours of recorded movies on this rainy afternoon.

Unfortunately, behind 30,000 pounds of motorhome, pushed by 400 hp of noisy diesel, one can tell little of what is happening with a 3,000 pound Jeep in tow.

This isn’t the first such occurrence. On my trip to Big Bend, I pulled the Jeep 500 miles with the parking brake on. The motorhome didn’t even whimper.

The tad of good news is that, on the side trip in the Jeep his morn, the one that probably ruined my tire, I got a bear shot:

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