Hacking at Big Bar Rest Area

Where is Big Bar Rest Area, BC, Ca.?

I am now somewhere short of 100-Mile House on Route 97, still headed North. I have been here about 1 hour, partaking of a hotdog cart’s delicacies, but mostly working on this blasted computer. It refused my previous re-registration, so I had to repeat it. But, alas, the road from the border to here has been at the bottom of a chasm (Fraser River Valley, really) that is beautiful, but too high to access a geostationary satellite from the bottom, which is where they put the highway.

Here is Rob, of Hotdog cart fame, with his wares. He sold his half of a jointly owned resort to his brother-in-law. They could not see eye-to-eye! Wow, resort to hotdog cart. Sounds like some of my adventures!

So here I am, headed North, about 1:15 PM. Thinking of a “scenic side trip” that, if enticing, may cause me to stop early for the night. I can then fix my other laptop computer so that the two can talk together again (yup, suddenly stopped wi-fi-ing). Then I can post yesterday’s comments.

This is too much like work.

Anyways, the scenery is awesome, but there is equally awesome scenary in the States. A few small towns with lots of road between them.

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