Across The Border Into Canada

br />Where is Telte-Yet Campsite, Hope, BC?

Finally made it across the border this AM (Saturday, June 5). Crossed the border at Sumas, WA / Huntington, BC. It took about 30 minutes to cross. I waited while they inspected Barth. I did not have a vantage of what they were doing, but I suspect that the inspector was sitting there, watching the clock hands with a smile on his face. I think I had pissed him off.

There were signs, what else at a border crossing. One sign said “autos, this-away, trucks that-away. Now, sometimes when government agencies say “truck” they are referring to it’s size, as in “trucks cannot get through that way.” Other times the mean “those that hauleth goods for hire, aka. commercial trucks.” They never put the sign in context.

For example, at rest stops, “trucks” means that if you are large, you aren’t gonna be able to park there. But at weigh stations, “trucks” means those beastly commercial things. At any rate, I took the truck lane, and entered a typical three lane parking/holding area for trucks. The truck office was closed, so I had to get someone out of the main building.

He said, “Can’t you turn around?” “Nope”; He said, “Can’t you back out?” Nope; By this time he was scanning a camera with a joystick to see just what I was talking about. Then me said “Follow me. Hey, it’s raining really hard out here!” The raining part is what got me. You see, he did not want to get wet. So that is why he sat there for 30 minutes in the Barth, smiling, just to get even. I am not cynical. I sure was glad I had the nifty yellow New York rain coat!

Scooted down the road, passing thru the northern end of the cascades which were probably beautiful, but the upper 1/2 was enveloped in Seattle Sunshine. Settled on the non-polished Telte-Yet Campsite right in the town of Hope. Hope? Let’s just say that it is not near being on Wal-Mart’s map yet. Biggest fame? Chainsaw wood carvings strewn about town, and “First Blood” was filmed here (read: Rambo).

It is raining chainsaws and movies tonight, so I will go exploring tomorrow, weather willing. Supposed to be at least a day-full here. I got no further than the grocery store today. Had to take a nap this afternoon, for the semi that decided to park beside me at the rest area in WA last night was a refrigerator truck, and the darn refer engine ran beside my bed window all night.

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