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Where is Smokey Point Rest Area, WA

Last night I finally got the latest satellite software update loaded on my computer. Why? Because it would allow me to have my satellite changed without the use of a modem. It worked, and all was well… last night.

Today I executed the change, as it had to be done before I got into Canada (for a couple of technical reasons). Supposed to be a piece of cake.

I sat in a rest area in lower WA for 6 hours, four of them on the computer and phone, trying to get this little miracle to happen. I finally decided, after all those hours, that I was either in the WA Triangle, or one of those two trees that I ascertained to be out of the way… weren’t. I still do not know which was the problem, as the satellite was dysfunctional a large part of the afternoon, and the trees, after all, were there.

After driving North a few hours, I arrived at a rest area with a clear enough view to do the job, and the job is finally done. The whole purpose of all this was to give me more satellite coverage into Canada, at the loss of TV. It turns out that I haven’t watched TV since I left anyways, so not much loss.

Good night all.

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