On The Road Again! Near Portland, OR

Where is Tualatin, OR?

This morning (June 3) I got back on the road about 8:45 AM or so, after paying my bill at the truck shop. The first dryer delivered did not fit, so a rebuilt correct one was found. I was happy to stop camping on their asaphalt big-rig truck parking lot.

This is a picture of Carl fixing my “won’t make air” problem.

And this was my campground for 3 days.

On the way up the coast I saw Sea Lion colony, another lighthouse, and some more waves and sand. Beautiful, but enough coast, already! I cut over toward Portland to get on I-5 tomorrow, stopping short today.

Tomorrow I will head up I-5 to move on toward my destination. I am getting a little antsy to get across the border. Also, since I am behind my plan, I am bypassing Vancouver Island. I do not think I have the time (or energy) to tackle that. I want to get into “sparse-land”.

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