Getting Ready For Alaska!

My leave of absence from work is approved to permit my trip to Alaska this summer.

Planned departure date is May 16, to return on or before Aug 27, 2004. The plan is to return to my job when I return. The hitch is that a job/need must exist, or they will not take me back. I guess there is a risk associated with everything in life. This could be a concern, as I cannot remember a single person that has been rehired into the same job at this place.

The itinerary is scant and flexible, and will remain so. Activities and stops will be planned on the fly. The first day or two will be used in Tucson for a few logistical activities, such as new front tires and new deep-cycle batteries. The basic plan is to take the westerly route North, through Nevada with a stop at Death Valley. Proceeding North to Canada via the Oregon and Washington coast, a few days will be dedicated to visiting Vancouver Island (Victoria and vicinity).

The way North will be through British Columbia, West of the Rockies to Dawson Creek, then taking the Alaskan Highway from there into Alaska and points N, S, E, and W. The return trip will backtrack to Dawson Creek, with a Southerly path taken through Alberta and reentering the US at Montana or North Dakota. The return to Arizona will be East of the Rockies.

There are many side trips available. These will be exploared using my Jeep, which will be towed behind the Motorhome.

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