Cedar Ridge Campground

Where is Cedar Ridge Campground?

Nice little 16-space place. No showers or other amenities, just electric, water, sewer hookups.

But the owner is so cantankerous that he almost asks you to leave and quite bothering him. You got to park? – too much trouble, get outa here. You don’t know how long you want to stay? Too much trouble to make change more than once. Just pay for one night and move on. Not very busy. Actually, except for two long term setups, I am the only one here. Hut it is still winter here.

Wednesday, 17th, I visited The Whitewater Catwalk near Glenwood. Interesting trail, portions elevated on a catwalk. Passes by a creek in a narrow canyon that has a medium size stream flowing perennially.

Thursday, 18th, I also visited the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument. Caves high on a hillside that was developed and inhabited by some ancient peoples sometimes in the past. This place was really cool! I inquired about becoming a volunteer here. The pay sucks, but the location is great, although 2 hours from anything.

Friday, 19th, I am just going to kick back and do nothing. Planning on returning home to Hereford Saturday. Should be fun sifting through 3 weeks of mail!

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