Oliver Lee State Park

Where is Oliver Lee State Park?

This New Mexico State Park is located some miles South of Alamogordo. The campground is adequate, but the sites are not quite level, and are poorly laid out. However the park offers an exhilarating hike for avid hikers, and a simple hike for the others.

A guided tour of a reconstructed ranch house at the site of Oliver Lee’s original homestead is offered Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Additionally, I happened to be there when a Star Party was conducted by an amateur astronomer. This is not a regular occurrence at this park, but is a regular occurrence at some area park.

The star party was interesting. Two telescopes were set up, a Mead LX90 8 inch automated scope, and a home made 8 inch Newtonian scope. Unfortunately, the sky did not cooperate very well, as it was hazy and cloudy, but clear enough to get a few views. Venus and Saturn were especially nice.

From this location day trips to White Sands National Monument and the (commercial) Space Museum were made. White Sands is interesting for a first and once visit. The Museum was a disappointment. The display of missiles and rocket engines outside were the most interesting. The actual museum was tailored for kids (Ok, OK, stop asking “then why did you not enjoy it”).

A day trip was also made to the top of Cloudcroft. When I came across the mountain on the way here, it was raining and very foggy. When I went back to see the views, it was overcast and snowing. Guess that is what one would expect for a ski area in the Winter-Spring.

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