Q.E.D – 4500 miles Completed in 5 Months

A very pleasant drive from El Paso across the Southern edge of NM brought me home at something like 2 PM on Sunday, Nov 13. I really like Route NM 9 as it has extremely low traffic, no trucks and cuts many miles off the traditional path on I-10, though the pavement can be a little rough in some areas.

I noted one illegal on the road, very bedraggled and trying to wave down a ride or perhaps just water. However, I did not stop as I was afraid that he might by a decoy for smugglers or drug runners. I did stop and report his location to the Border Patrol. Otherwise I would have given him water, but no ride.

Interestingly, there were three (that I could see) Army support locations on the highway, each comprising a couple of armored vehicles bristling with antennas. Apparently the Army is supporting the detection of illegal traffic in some manner. That is certainly a positive note. Each installation also had the presence of Border Patrol vehicles.

My, I have a lot of work to do! My desert (read ‘dirt’) yard and driveway are overgrown with tumbleweed-like and size dead plants. I did finally got all appliances and facilities up and running, except for one toilet that is suffering from some dried seals. No evidence of disturbance anywhere. Heck, no sane person would wade through the brush to get to the house! I now have to clean the house, clean the outside, restock and replenish. I will be weeks before I get everything back to normal.

Annie the Dog was very quiet the last day. I wonder if the magnetic sensors in her bird brain were telling her that we were nearing home?

I is nice to return with no mechanical breakdowns of significance in Barth. Although this trip was less than half as long as the 2004 trip, there was ample opportunity for breakdown, accidents, etc.

I had great luck on the trip. I did manage to get myself into a few unpleasant navigational situations, but an answer was found in each case. For a final example, in El Paso it is very difficult to find the way out the West side and into NM to get on route 9. I had a map from a fellow at the gas station, but it turned out to be much too generic. What he showed as a big bend in the road turned out to be several miles of turns on different roads. But at least it got me to the general area on the right side of town.

When I got lost, I stopped at a gas station and went from car to car asking for directions. I came upon an older fellow that started to tell me, then said “follow me and I will show you.” I informed him that I was in a neighboring store parking lot, so he said that he would meet me there. He did so, and led me to the road to NM 9, and made one final indication to turn left. And voila!, I was on my way. NM 9 is a well kept secret, primarily because no one can find it on the El Paso end.

I found folks to be very helpful the entire trip. All things considered, a good and successful adventure. I saw much of the West that I had never seen and some that was a refresher of past visits, all in the Winter.

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3 Responses to “Q.E.D – 4500 miles Completed in 5 Months”

  1. Anonymous says:


    Dan Bryce is trying to reach you.
    His email is daniel.bryce.ctr@disa.mil

  2. Garry P. says:

    Betty, please send me a private email message at the link on the top of the page so that I can respond via email.

    Thanks, GarryP

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello Garry, I found your blog and have enjoyed reading about your travels in CO. Your pictures are wonderful.

    I was wondering if you find it necessary to make reservations in July, August and September. And whether or not you plan a trip or just roam about aimlessly?

    I spent some time up in northern CO this summer. Mostly traveled in SW Wyoming. I want to ‘discover’ SW CO next summer.

    Thanks in advance for any information you may offer.


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