Arrival at Abilene State Park

Where is Abilene State Park?

I arrived here 5 minutes after the checkin booth closes, but they were on the way to their car, and said to park and come back in the morning, which I will do. The drive was uneventful, except for the wonderful BBQ lupper I had in Brady, TX. Great sandwich on homemade bread, huge and perfect baked potato, and a RC Cola, I thought RC Cola was non-existent, although I had them as a kid.

This CG is not great, as I could not use a good site and also have a shot at the internet satellite. But I am on the ‘Wagon Wheel, which may be visualized exactly as the name sounds. The good thing is that no one else is on the wheel, at least not now.

The map software had me on county roads with low and side swiping trees, knocking my right mirror out of kilter as I stared into a blinding sun, but no permanent damage. I tried to follow the instructions, and actually did stumble onto the park. But the better route would have taken me to Abilene, then South, and I would have arrived after dark. So my cursing of the map software was really for naught, as it really saved me.

I was late arriving because I used three hours-plus in a stop at LBJ Ranch, taking the Ranch tour. Not an exciting tour, but one has to do the sightseeing thing occasionally, at least.

For practical purposes I will probably stay here for a week, but I doubt there is a lot to do but to relax.

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