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Where is McKinney Falls State Park?

I arrived at Mckinney State Park on Sunday, Oct 30. It was a short drive from Georgetown. The park is fairly nice, though a bit pricey. Weather was nice for the entire week, having cooled from a late season heat wave. I will spare the day-to-day details, and make one entry for this stop.

I got to see my Grand Nephew, is that right? Anyway, Celso is my niece Susanne’s son Celso, a chipper fellow though a bit camera shy. He usually goes on serious alert whenever a camera is brought near him. Here is a photo at 4 months:

They visited at the RV Park and we went on a walk with Celso.

I spent quite a bit of time at the home of Susanne and Jose and watched in amazement at the process of preparing for their move to Spain very soon. I offered to help, but could find nothing to do. More complication to the process was the line of friends and an old uncle that strayed in and out at will! But they seemed to be taking the process in stride, unrattled.

They were arranging for shipment of a car, a few furniture pieces, household items, clothing and of course baby support accessories. The house has sold, the second car sold while I was there, and a garage sale netted several hundred in cash. It must be difficult to rid oneself of so many of one’s possessions in such a short time frame! That is when one wonders why so much of it was ever purchased! I saw no lists! I would have had so many lists that a list of lists would have been necessary.

Well, Sus is off to a Fantastic Adventure in Spain, husband Jose less so since he is from Spain. I wish them well in their life ahead, and Jose’s good fortune in whatever business adventure he embarks on. That I do admire their spunk because I tend to like adventures also, though relocation out of the US is not one I have experienced.

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