Arrival At Jim Hogg Campground

Where is Jim Hogg Campground and Georgetown Lake?

I arrived at Georgetown Lake about 5:00 PM after a long but uneventful ten-plus hour drive. The only hiccup was getting lost in the Foss Park while leaving and touring a campground that I was not staying in. Another testimonial to my not driving at night, as I left just before morning twilight.

I will attempt to perform a final repair on the leaking toilet fill valve today, as I discovered that there is still a small leakage. Also I may attempt to clean carpet stains from the toilet run over, but I do not have high hopes that this will work with the small handheld carpet cleaner I have with me. I am thinking of replacing most of the carpet with a laminate when I get home. That would be much easier to keep clean.

Sunday I will move to a park closer to Austin. I will be reluctant to leave Jim Hogg as this is such a nice park with paved roads, paved sites, water and electric hookups.

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