More Water Blues, and Jeep Blues

After cleaning the fill valve, I reconnected the water supply yesterday. I do not know how much junk is in my water lines, but it has malfunctioned again today. Fortunately I was watching when it failed and I shut off the water before it overflowed this time.

Yesterday I went to town to buy a water filter, do a little laundry, and wash Jeep. I installed the water filter, flushed the storage tank and lines, cleaned the valve once again, and all seems well now. I am becoming quite proficient at removing and cleaning the valve!

On the way to town, Jeep started cutting out intermittently big time. My normal jerk-the wires trick I have been using for 10 years for this problem did not work. I nursed it to town and to the Jeep dealer. For $65 they diagnosed my problem – something like “Duh!”

The mechanic listened to me, jerked, bent, twisted, and pulled all the wires and connectors trying to find a bad one. No such luck. But it did start running, and nothing we could do would make it act up in the shop.

Was it worth $65? Probably not, but at least it is running good – for now. But it did occupy my entire afternoon.

Today is the day to clean the Jeep inside and windows, the Barth front windows, and the floors inside. After that is all done I think I will avail myself of the luxury of a real shower that they have here. It seems to have hot water.

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