Sometimes Plans Are Necessary

I made reservations at McKenney State Park for my Austin stop. This is only the second time I have made reservations, as I usually stay at out-of-the-way places. However, with fall approaching, RVers are already moving South, and to get a decent place in the near-Austin area, I decided that it was prudent to reserve.

Last night a weather front moved through, and there was a terrific light show and lots of rain. I had my dish up, accessing the internet. A lightning strike was close enough that the impulse tripped the GFI circuit breaker on my computer circuit, knocking me offline. This also confused my dish controller such that I had to re-calibrate it before I could stow it. Fortunately no other strikes were close enough to ‘hit’ me again. And all equipment is working correctly today.

Today the sun and perfect temperatures returned.

Annie likes that she can stay outside all day, what with the empty campground. But there is a lack of smells, compared to the horse park in which I was previously parked.

Saturday morn I am off to points South.

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