Hanging Out In NE

My domain name expired, so today I was cut off from my email. I barraged my remote host company with many unanswered emails. Then I resorted to a never-used Yahoo account and was then able to communicate with them. They had tried to call me, but my voice mail is delivered by… email! My email should be back up shortly when the domain registration renewal filters through the web, perhaps 24 hours or less.

Not much going on here. The reason this park is always empty is because there are no tourist attraction here. An elderly couple (more elderly than I at least, about 80) dropped in for one night two days ago. They stopped a few sites from me and were ‘surveying’ the situation. They then backed up, and parked exactly across the road from me. There are only 44 more sites here, all empty and some around a corner out of site. They probably felt more safe is a ‘group’ of two! At least they were not afraid of me.

Weather is kind of cloudy/windy/cooler. The wind gets rather gusty. I am a poor judge of wind speed, and the satellite dish gets put up, down, up, down as the wind changes. I am going to buy a wireless wind meter so I can know the wind conditions. I should be OK up to 30+ mph gusts, but my wet finger tells me little. So I probably am stowing the dish unnecessarily.

One of my wiper motors has gone bad, actually always was bad, but I did not know all that noise wasn’t normal, though I had my suspicions. The motor had completely lost it’s rear plate, bearing and all. But somehow it kept running noisily, always has. I found a company on the web that sold me a new one, which I am having shipped ahead. But the installation is going to be difficult.

My schedule has been accelerated, as I must be in Austin sooner than originally expected. My next move will come Saturday morning. I will probably pick up my mail at 10 AM in McCook, and head for the Dodge City Walmart, and move on the next day to North Texas for a couple of days.

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