Life At Red Willow

Since moving in here 5 days ago, life has been good. This is a beautiful open park, large lake, 30 and 50 amp electrical hookups, level sites and perfect weather. The only down side that I have noted is that this place has flies, but fortunately not the large green flies like the last horse camp I was parked in. Also, in sustained rains, the road tends to get soft, but not nearly so bad as the Enders Rec Area that I had to bypass for that reason.

This site has electric hookup, something I have not had the luxury of since… June I think. I could even run A/C, but the mild temperatures do not need it. I had to buy a NE State Park pass for $25 in addition to the site fees of #10/day, but if I am here for 1 week or more, the savings in propane and gasoline will more than cover the additional cost.

I spent yesterday installing the longer mirror support arms that finally arrived at Custer. It was an all day job due to the wiring extension splices required to accommodate the new arms, but my increased visibility around the corner posts add the much needed rear view enhancement. Now I do not have to lean forward to see my rear view on the driver side.

Mail forwarding has been requested and will arrive in McCook at the end of next week. When I have my mail in hand, I will take a step further South.

No pictures as grasslands all look the same. Fields of harvested grain, huge bales of harvested hay, few trees, and the occasional feed lot. Seeing the poor conditions that cattle have in feed lots almost makes one want to be a vegetarian. I hope I do not pass through any chicken growing areas. That would clinch it!

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