Arrival at Silver City, NM, KOA RV Park

Where is Silver City, NM KOA?

Yesterday evening I migrated North from Deming to Silver City, NM. Signed up for a week here at a KOA. This is a nice area, and I need roots to be able to receive my meds from the neighbor. Park rental is also cheaper than diesel fuel. Nice small park, a little pricey for unpaved amenities.

The wind is fairly strong from noon to 7 PM or so, kind of like Sierra Vista (i. e. home). Fortunately the park has free wifi so I do not have to risk my Datastorm dish to sail away on the wind. Instead of Datastorm satellite connection and TV, I use wifi and XM radio when the wind is up. Wifi is also a faster connection than satellite, so it is good to use when available for free, which is still fairly rare, and never in State Parks or boondock.

Dog (Annie) is happily tethered on a 25 foot run cable which is fastened to the side of the motorhome. She must be happy, as she hasn’t tried to get inside yet, and I have heard only two muted ‘woofs’, such a polite ole gal!

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