First Stop: Deming, NM

Where is Deming, NM?

Since I lost this post due to browser error, it will be short. I hate retyping.

Stopped at Deming for installation of the SteerSafe steering stabilizer. Due to my forgetting the time zone difference, I arrived late. But kudos to SteerSafe, as one person was still at the factory, and they came to my lost soul and led me back to the factory, installing it after plant ‘closure’. It is difficult to get lost in Deming, but I managed to do so. A ‘product review’ of the SteerSafe will be available later.

On the way to Deming I had a sudden realization that I had left behind my prescription meds. Fortunately the trusted neighbor with whom I left the house keys will FedX or UPS them to me.

It is too hot and boring in Deming, so I am moving North for the night. Onward to Silver City, NM.

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2 Responses to “First Stop: Deming, NM”

  1. Garry P. says:

    Nope, not trapped. I decided to go with the Tempurepedic knock-off from Walmart. Glad I did, as it is better than the old hotel Sealy(sp?) that was in Barth. I made my decision based on sleeping on it for two nights before I left home.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How did your mattress situation turn out? Since you are on the road, I assume you did not get trapped in the camper, never to be heard from again…

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