Homeagin, homeagin!

After two ten hour days of driving I arrived home before dark yesterday. I do not know the time because every timepiece I have was on a different time system – I still am not sure of the time here! But I am sure that it was Monday. I spent the last night on the road at Gallup, NM. Uncle Wally’s driveway had twenty RVs parked in it! Amazing, as I have never visited him when there were more than three or four RVs overnighting.

Gertie and I came through Mule Creek and crossed over into AZ. That drive has one of the most spectacular views around as well as one of the worst curvy downhill roads that I have ever driven in the Barth. This was my second time for the route. Awesome, and fun(?).

Mostly uneventful drives, except for the traffic light in Sierra Vista that I could not get stopped for. I saw that I was going to be in the intersection when I finally came to a stop, and the kind folks with the green had not budged, so I let up and breezed through the red signal. I guess there is something about the saying that most accidents occur within twenty miles of home.

All is OK on the home front. I have all appliances operating again, propane is on order, as I left with 5% in the tank. I did not want a $500 investment in propane sitting here all summer.

The ‘house sitter’ RV couple that I had perked here about 3 months left before I arrived, to my dismay. I wanted to meet them. I gave them the combo to the garage door and they mowed the premises before leaving, so I did not come home to the usual forest of weeds and tumbleweeds. Wow, what a nice thing to do – the one thing I disliked most about getting home, cleaning the surrounding area! Of course their presence here also provided a measure of security.

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