Northern NM: Sight Seeing

Yesterday the five in. snow that fell mostly melted. We visited another BLM area 18 miles South of Taos known as Orilla Verde Rec. Area. This BLM area is at the level of the Rio Grande, but the gorge is more like a canyon, so let’s call it a canyon. A few and primitive camp sites lie along the river. This site is more suitable for the day or overnight fisherman than a long term stay in a RV.

The trip also included a visit of the bridge over the Rio Grande on Hwy 64 West of Taos, Taos Ski Valley which was virtually shut down awaiting a few inches of winter snowfall, and a short tour of Taos.

The Taos tour was short because I find browsing in shops without a clear goal boring; and I have no need for rugs, art, trinkets or a motel room. Besides, the city fathers have opted to place parking meters everywhere there is a space larger than 2 ft. x 4 ft. My opinion is that they would better serve the little downtown by providing ample free parking. I never carry change. I did find an Ace Hardware where I bought two new space heaters – I had a need those. I also saw an auto parts shop, but could think of nothing I needed, although I almost stopped anyway… just to browse!

Taos is small only in it’s central (and only) shopping district. A view from the highway clearly reveals vast areas of large and fancy housing where the ‘other’ folks live.

Today we found the road to the fish hatchery viewed from the gorge rim. Being the largest hatchery in NM, it has a nice little visitor center and tour of the hatchery. One tank had 8 in. trout so densely populated that one could probably almost walk across the tank on the surface. An amazing fact noted is that the hatchery produces an estimated 175,000 lbs. of fish each year!

Tomorrow I will direct Barth to head toward Hereford, taking two or three days depending on finding suitable places to overnight. We will head West from Taos on Hwy 64 and skirt down the NM/AZ border, using both sides. Hwy 64 is supposed to be very scenic. I want to arrive home in time to vote for every independent I can find on the ballot.

Providing that she starts, that is. I am still having starting problems. But she has started with difficulty twice while parked here. She probably took on summer-mix diesel at the last fill-up. I hope that is the problem! Otherwise I am still loosing fuel prime. An additive has been added to hopefully help the problem. Fortunately she purrs like a lion after starting.

I have an unneeded camp fire going now. I bought some firewood and have yet to use it, so it will be used today. If I get enough coals supper will be char-grilled Angus burgers. Otherwise supper will be the same burgers duly cooked on the convenient electric George Forman griddle.

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