More Preparations

While at the RV store this week picking up a few repair parts, I managed to pick up a new tank level monitor system for a pittance of $25. I found it, dirty but in the original unopened box almost hidden on a shelf, marked at $55. I asked the service manager, Gene, if that was the best price, and he reduced it to $25. This unit usually sells at an inflated price of $150 or so. I spent most of today installing the “tank end” of the system. Not a fun job, but do-able, after 3 time-killing trips to town to get parts costing about $5 each trip. The gas cost more than the parts. I will do the topside portion sometime later, maybe even on the road. One might ask why bother, sine I already have level semsors. The new sensors are external electronic type that do not become unreliable due to contamination.

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