Arrival at Flaming Gorge National Rec. Area / NFS Buckboard Crossing Campground

Where is Flaming Gorge National Rec. Area / NFS Buckboard Crossing Campground?
Todays travel: map item #38 to #39 , 140 miles

This is my camp spot:

This is “their” camp spot:

The ‘no elbow room’ shot is a commercial campground across the road. The shot of my camping site is in an empty NFS campground that may be closed, but doesn’t even have a gate to shut to close it. So I may be asked to leave if they are trying to close it. The camp fee here is $15.00/night, $7.50 GAP rate. Electric can be had for an additional $4.00/night. Off course I can pass on that – or not.

I had a slightly difficult time getting here as I had to stop several times. Once for diesel, once for propane, once to dump my tanks, and another time (actually at the destination) to fill with water as I did not like the looks of the fresh water fill setup where I dumped.

There doesn’t appear to be much here but a marina. So I may move soon, after I nap here a day or two.

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