You want change? Here is a suggestion

I was thinking today, a rather rare and non-earthmoving event. But I did have an epiphany that would make the election interesting, if not completely honest.

How would the world in politics, and our current election, be different if the following four rules were true?

Rule 1 – No poles of any sort exist. This rule would have to be complete, absolutely no hint of public or private opinion poles, not even ‘black market’ poles.

Rule 2 – All negative political ads are forbidden. The only ads permitted are ads about the subjects’ views and proposals.

Rule 3 – All negative political speeches are forbidden. The only speeches permitted are those about the subjects’ views and proposals.

Rule 4 – Rules 1 through 3 must be obeyed.

Now, that would be drastic, unenforceable and contrary to the freedom of speech. But it would be wonderful if each individual could vote without being influnced by mass hysteria and  lies.

Indeed it would be eliminate Life imitating Polls.

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