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I just listened to Colin Powell’s litany about why he is endorsing B Hussien O. I have always known Powell to be a Republicrat. In his speech on TV in which he says that Obama will “electrify” the office. No doubt he is correct, but I doubt he has any idea exactly in which sinister way the electrification will manifest.

I see B Hussien O fitting one of three situations:
  • At worst, an Islamic sleeper with intent on destroying the US.

  • An arrogant President that will allow no criticism, and ignore recommendations of a cabinet. Indeed, he may have no or little cabinet. The result will be a President with zero practical experience for the job, refusing to take advice and better suited to ply Hollywood with his “electrifying” persona.
  • At best, a closet Islamic Socialist that, with the support of a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate, will drive the country to or near Fascism.
The Messiah has “electrified” the US to the point that he now has enough money to buy the eection – which is exactly what he is doing, using his huge war chest to swamp the media with ads, propaganda and lies regarding redistribution of wealth. McCain would need divine intervention to overcome B Hussien O’s momentum, and I just don’t believe that God is ready to save us from ourselves in November.
So my action is to turn off political TV, ignore whatever B Hussein O says, and go about my bsiness. Oh, yeah, I plan to contrive to get every penney I can from B Hussien O’s big giveaway. I won’t be embarrassed to take some of Buffett’s money, since he has declared it to be patriotic to give it to me.
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