McC reveals his Achilles heel

During a Sunday intervew on Chris Wallace’s show (FNN and FBC), McC made the statement that the main purpose of government is to provide for the people that need it (an approximate paraphrase).

McC is apparently trying to outpace Obama’s socialist agenda in order to have a chance to win. Just change the words so they can be called different. But the bottom line is that both are far too liberal to suit my tastes, and trust.

Apparently McC has forgotten the true Constitutional responsibilities of the Gov. A good start for anyone including McC are laid out in this link.

I firmly believe that all major woes are due to Congress’ action by law, regulatin or bribery to force an outcome nationally and nternationally. If the Gov would limit their considerations o those proided in the link above, there would be no discussion of such topics as bailout, bank nationalization, redistribution of wealth…

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