Computer woes

I have wasted a week getting behind, trashing the computer, buying unnecessary gear all due to Micro$oft.

Oh, by the way, I am at home now, and have been for weeks. No posts, as they would all have been rants of frustration.

Suddenly last week my Micro$oft computer suddenly decided to cease connection to the internet via my wireless link to the moho, my only contact with cyberspace. My connections would be local only, not connecting through to my sat system. There were no hardware changes nor software changes, except perhaps for an automatic vista update.

I tried every conceivable thing, network-wise, that I could think of. Config and reconfig of wifi. Open as well as secure. Reset a multitude of times.

Since I have had a dozen suggestions that my router was going bad, I replaced it yet again. No help. But the new router allowed a secondary channel that would connect, while the primary connection would not connect. I took advantage of that to reload and update my op system.

I finally threw up my hands and went the drastic route, reloading the computer, thereby loosing all I had not saved on an external disk. It turns out that I was not diligent enough and lost all my email info, easy enough to save, unless one has a Sr. moment. I had a Sr. moment.

After about 500 MBytes of op system reinstall and updates I had a worse problem. Now I could not connect on the ‘guest’ connection. Another day shot with more futile troubleshooting, and a path beaten between the moho and the house.

I finally connected manually and did a web search for my connect problem. It turns out that I had a lot of company with this problem. It is due to some problem with either Vista or HP. There were a lot of anecdotal ‘fixes’, none of which worked for me.

Now I am working, but for how long? I now have my own anecdotal fix. I set the hardwire ethernet connection for VPN/dialup. Of course this is completely illogical as I have neither, so it would not connect. But there it was, a non-functioning connection to not connect to. Voila! My old router suddenly started connecting to the sat modem. I was on line! I do not dare to try to replicate this process as I am afraid I will loose connection again.

Yep, I just checked. I am still connected to the internet!

Now I can start fighting my problem with the satellite connection. The loss of connection that has plagued me for months. All of that hardware (not the computer) has been swapped out to no avail. So those dozen of folks that told me my router was going bad, the ones that told me that it is interference from electronic equipment surveilling the Mexican border, must be right. When I get a chance I will simply go North to a location not likely to be inundated with such equipment and prove or disprove that theory. Will I be online tomorrow? I will be if the computer network card does not fail me, and if the satellite modem does not fail me.

As for my sanity? I am about ready to go to some remote cabin in Northern AZ, go off the grid, disconnect from all this ‘will be the ruination of mankind’ technology and nap alongside the dog. I would probably be hit by a low tech meteor.

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