Reelin’ in the years, throwing away the time.

[Typical Garry P ramblings]

So, still at home, still behind on the chores that are keeping me from going back out in the RV. My mind refuses to create any urgency to accomplish anything these days. Is that the essence of retirement? Some of my retired FB friends are very active; I doubt that they ever sit at home. Kudos to them. Several come to mind, but one outstanding example is Libbey. A professional musician, a pro golfer. Some are on the other extreme, but the most notable is, I have to admit, Garry P. Note that I said ‘retired’, as some are still working. I won’t embarrass them by names.

Every day I get up with a sense that this is the day. The day that a burst of energy like a sunspot eruption will propel me to accomplish a week’s work list in one day. Then I find myself still at the computer doing necessary stuff. Necessary stuff slowly becomes entangled with discretionary stuff. And then it degrades to simply, stuff.

I want to point Barth in some direction, any direction, and go. But I cannot until necessary home bound tasks are completed. As in the past, ‘cannot’ fades into ‘will not’. Eventually ‘why not’ floats to the top and I am in trouble. I have to obtain a replacement birth certificate and passport. I have to restrain myself to at least complete my donation form to support Obama’s bailout bubble, Bush’s wars and Pelosi’s health plan. The sooner I file my contribution the sooner the bubble will burst and we will all see political the end game.

But I continue “reelin’ in the years, throwing away the time”. You remember the Steely Dan song. It wasn’t about retirement. It should have been. Why do I remember that song so well? It falls in the same category as Steelers Wheel sang in 1972, “.clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle…”. But you will have to look up that one. And provide your own suitable intrepation.

Then came Facebook. I began a search for people in my past life whose names I could not even remember. Just visual memories. I sublimated it all to my subconscious. Pieces of names started floating to the surface after about a week. I was always a slow thinker. I could always come up with the perfect action or statement a week after I needed it. Time consuming FB searches, looking for names in the  friends-of-friends and friends, viewing photos. Trying different spellings. Oh, how we change!

I have found old roommates, old friends, though I avoid looking for old girlfriends. I know that ‘friend request’ button would not work. Why? I just wanted to see where they had migrated to. And I can’t think of anything better to do.

Where did I put that to-do list?

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