What is the day? Is it a safe day at the border?

Well, I thought it was Sunday, nope, Monday. Then I checked my cell phone – drat, wrong again. It is Tuesday! One thing for sure, it may not be a safe day.

The ranchers in this area have long been overrun with illegals. Their property lines are on the border. Cut fences, trash, disrupted livestock water, theft. When there is a volume of traffic to leave mounds of trash, start brush/grass fires that cost $ millions to extinguish, overwhelm our hospital budgets, well, put that into perspective yourself. Homeland Security is too preoccupied with airplanes to notice. That can be handled by a bureaucracy. Foot traffic cannot. They constantly tout ‘electronic surveillance’.

But where is the Border Patrol? Too few, too thin, overwhelmed. Electronics are great for texting, not detaining, handcuffing, and disposing of the lawlessness. I see BP checkpoints on major highways, interstates between home and Yuma, Balloon surveillance in the air.. These locations are permanent, well known with signs 2 miles before. Pardon me, but do they believe that the illegals are stupid? Consider the text message “Check point on 90 open, 80 and 191 closed. Balloon up at Sierra Vista.” Electronics cut both ways.

Rancher Krentz

Rancher Krentz was ambushed on his property while checking on an illegal ‘in distress’. See See Michelle Malkin’s post. The Krentz family has run the ranch for over 100 years. Border towns from Juarez westward are being shut down by lawlessness. This is terrorism. On our homeland. Civilization is regressing to frontierism. The Wild West.

Obama and Congress have a plan. Hand out passport forms, help them complete them and stamp them approved upon capture, hand them cash and point North.  Sheriff Joe (Arpaio), Cochise county needs you more than Maricopa county!

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