War to the South

A Texan from El Paso started a chat as I came back from the rib line. He was telling me that Juarez is a war zone of thugs, not necessarily the drug lords that the American media paints it. That Americans have no clue as to what is going on there.That they are systematically shutting down border towns on the Mexican side, and that foreigners are not safe. He won’t go across the border now though he worked on the Mexico side for 10 years. The thugs are moving West and have reached Las Palomas, the border town at Columbus in central NM.

The Pancho Villa State Park is at Columbus and I stayed there last May. I went to Palomas, there were no problems then. But now the Purple Store is closed. The Purple Store, of all places. Every small border town has a Purple Store which is, not coincidentally, painted purple. It is the most popular destination when Gringos go there. Food, margaritas, mariachis, liquor, Mexican ‘object de jour’, prescription drugs. The thugs are running ‘protection’ rackets, extorting money from the business persons to ‘protect’ them from having the business burned, or the owner killed. The correct term is lawlessness, not drug wars.

They could do that to Algodones soon. I may have squeaked under the wire for my dental work.

Damn, Annie just puked her dinner on the motor home floor. Ate it, turned 180 degrees and regurgitated it. This heat is getting to her old constitution.  I would leave it to dry until morning and it would come up like a pancake, except it is on the exit steps. Gotta move to cooler environs really soon, or this will become a common occurrence. I need to buy liquid Pepto by the quart.

Or maybe she just heard one too many Eh’s. Perhaps Annie is feeling some of what the French feel toward the pushy Americans?

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