Yuma boredom and impatience sets in

Boredom sets in. Casino excitement wears off. Anxious for a new view, despite this place being much more pleasant than it looks. But I do wish all parkers had solar power instead of generators. Many have to run their genset just to watch TV!

The electronic game hall for seniors, and post-seniors, is an active place. And I guess there is nothing wrong with that, in appropriate moderation, when there are few other outlets that are enjoyable at that (and this) age. And they love the trinkets and doo-dads across the border. I do not.

I have yet to find anything I would give any consideration to buy, except perhaps a bribe to get in the front of the returning line. I will be trapped in a 2-3 hour wait tomorrow as my partial is made. Just enough time to get back in to the U.S. and turn around and cross back into Mx. Yeah, I am really looking forward to that wait! Almost as bad as the dentist chair.

I see the second thoughts in the eyes of people in the line as they carry their big turtles, plates, pots, booze. Frequently carrying more bottles of booze than allotted by the U.S. law. And then there was the lady from Holland that was so drunk that she had to be steadied by and shushed by her comrades. One person asked me if I could ‘buy her way in.’ Wrong direction for that, lady. Besides I informed her that inebriation was not cause to prevent her reentry.

The next day she undoubtedly will want to go to Mexico. She will have no memory of being there.

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