At the Paradise Casino in Yuma

The Paradise casino RV parking lot is drying out
from the downpour one week ago.

(See the word ‘Panorama’ on the image? Click it for a larger view)

We are still hanging out at the casino across the river from Yuma. The casino has a huge dirt parking lot in the back for RVs and trucks. It is free, except for the money one pokes into the slot-bots and spends at the restaurant, though the restaurant prices are not bad. A decent breakfast including drinks can be had for $2.50! Many RVs are taking advantage of their hospitality.

Barth trapped a ‘wax and go’ fellow today, and is now nice and clean and shinny on the outside. Unfortunately rubble has crept into the inside. Weather has warmed but is still breezy, the norm for Yuma winters/springs.

There are two more dental appointments in Algodones remaining, and probably an adjustment visit or three after that. So I will have to hang around these parts a while longer. Hey, I have parked in worse parking lots, and downtown is a long stroll away. I may have to drop another $10 bucks or so in the casino soon. At least the have one-cent slots! So for $5.00 I get to push the button 500 times.

Those slots hypnotize old farts just like iPods and computer games do the young crowd. And just as fruitless. Points just don’t seem like $$.

[Edit: The official policy of RV parking here is overnight, eat and play. I guess if you eat and play, tomorrow is a new overnight. Thing is they require no registration, and as far as I can tell, they have no security patrols tagging RVs. But then, there are not many fools broke enough and cheap enough to park in a parking lot long term except me!]

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