Too long, too verbose, yada yada yada…

Ok already! Alright already! What the heck already? What is going on? How to please all?

Do not some of these folks that say things such “ I don’t like blogs that use the ‘I’ word all the time! ” Am I supposed to talk about them, the others, or personify the third tree down the wash as a human that talks to me, plays kick-the-rock and does hand limb stands? It is MY motorhome, MY dog, MY campsite, MY teeth or lack thereof.

Yadda yadda

Yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda!

Is it too much that I personify Barth the Motorhome, Annie the Dog, Darth the Scooter, Ranger the Truck? Am I supposed to chatter endlessly about what Jimmy Sue down the road is doing? Yeah, that would be interesting. He watches TV all day. Perhaps I should transcribe the discussion that Jimmy Sue has with his TV. I haven’t seen him outside in four days, but I don’t smell anything yet!

And then there are the ‘Reading your blogs is like reading the New York Times. Too many words, too verbose. Hell, I never get to the end, so why do you bother to write an end? Just stop in the middle”. But then what would the middle-jumpers do? They would be confused as to how to jump over a non-existent middle to get to the end.

There are three common things about these two complaining groups of people. A) they would not click on an Adsense ad if their life depended on it, and B) they would never, ever leave a comment or a shout, and C) …you are damn lucky – I forgot what C was.

I do hope that this was not too long – too short – too much about me or that third tree down the wash.

But I really do not care. It is not your blog, it is my blog, my journal, my opinionations and my rants!

[And I am sure that there is someone ready to point out that opinionations is not a word. It is in my private  Scrabble dictionary. I like creating perfectly good words. Of course I could have used opines.]

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