Sarah Palin is lying

In her book, and on the book tour as well as on TV interviews, Palin’s explanation of her infamous non-answer to Courics question about what she reads simply does not ring true.

She says, to paraphrase, that she thought the qusetion was demeaning, a trick and perhaps an implication that she does not read. So she refused to answer, to this day.

Me thinks that she really does read no news media. Perhaps romance novels, Modern Hunting, Penney Saver, Good Housekeeping, maybe Cosmopolitan or Star. But no Washington Post, New York Times, etc.

She was trapped into either not answering, lying or refusing to answer. Under the proposed circumstances it is good that she did not lie and say New York Times. A followup question surely would have really tripped her up, such as “which is your favorite columnist?”

But with that accent many folks did not realize that she ducked the question!

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