Pass on the job

Although it was very tempting, I passed on the shares-only job with the start-up I do, at least at this time, subscribe to and embrace their service. However, with TDameritrade soon to offer automatic trading, that may be the preferred manner of managing my market stops.

1) The ‘pay’ was not good enough, i.e. not enough potential gain for the high risk of zilch. Also, their business affairs seem to be in a questionable state, as there was no LLC documentation available. [UPDATE: At smartStop’s request, the prior statement has been reviewed and determined to be invalid.  Additionally, the link URL to has been corrected. – Garry P.]

2) I realized that I should spend my voluntary discretionary time monitoring my own funds, which I have been much too complacent about recently.

I hope to be ready to depart on another journey in a week or so – I am getting ‘home-burnout’.

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