Airline pilot misconduct

Several years ago locked and armored air plane cockpit doors were required to foil hijackers (and ‘stews’) hijinks. Now, in addition to the unforgivable inhumane passenger punishment of parking on a tarmac for 8 or 12 hours, pilots that are drunk or that engaged in activity that causes them to completely miss the arrival airport, it is obvious that a modified measure must be considered.

I propose that cockpit doors now be armored with full size bullet proof glass so that passengers can monitor the state of the pilots. Of course that will not solve the tarmac hostage problem. So I further propose that the pilot’s door shall be incapable of being opened unless at a boarding gate. The revolt among pilots of having to use their barf bag for personal relief with passengers watching through the glass doors should be enough for airlines to reserve one gate at each airport solely for use of deboarding passengers caught in the tarmac trap.

I would absolutely go crazy sitting in an airplane on the tarmac for hours on end with no air, no bathroom service and no food.

I no longer fly.

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