Home-agin, and Annie attacked

I arrived home at about 1 PM today, and set about buying a trailer for Darth. Hopefully tomorrow I can get Darth off of the back of Lone T. Ranger. Assuming I can get my blood pressure down.

On my casual sundown walk of Annie down the road, she was viciously ambushed by a rogue pitbull. I mean vicious, no barking, no warning, just a lunge from the bushes.

My mostly misplaced kicks caused it to scurry away. But the attack was so vicious that if it had been after me, I would have been helpless.

I called the sheriff, reported the incident and the alleged dog’s owner address. They will ‘talk to them’. Yeah, right. as if that will do any good.

I told the officer that I absolutely would kill the dog if I get close enough to it. He said that there ‘might be a problem with that.’ I told him that problem or no, if it looks at me or my dog, and if it is close enough, I will shoot it. That I will not cower in my own house.

Tomorrow I may take Annie and a shot gun down the road where it lives to see if I can lure it out. Since I am already afraid of it, I will feel fear for me or Annie, and resolve the problem.

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