Lost my Holland neighbors

Luc and Teunie left today. They are great folks and I will miss visiting with them. They have a fairly strict itinerary to fill their four weeks in the U.S.

Luc asked that I email my blog URL to him. Of course he will have no opportunity to browse it until they arrive back in the Netherlands. So I will do it today before I loose the address. Let’s see, do I have anything I should edit?

Yesterday I encountered another German lady that wanted to pet Annie T. Dog. It seems that her dog died at 17 years about eight months ago. Could it be that Germans take vacations (holidays) only after their dog has died and they no longer have to stay home, or at least Europe-side, to care for it?

No, I don’t think that two is large enough a sample size to draw a conclusion. I will wait until I have three such requests to publish my findings. That should meet government standards.

Today is a beautiful sunny morning. But the nights are chilllllly. Since it will take at least one overnight stop to get home I should be leaving soon. But the fact is I do not want to go home! And I don’t want to confront the DMV!

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