Rounding off this day

Yesterday eve I met the Netherland couple parked right in front of me. They were trying to start a fire with no luck. I used wood that I had and started a fire for them to grill over. We had a nice chat about everything from travel to politics.

This afternoon they took me up on an offer to let them send email and a couple pictures to their family and friends in Europe. They were so very happy though they initially declined because they did not want to intrude.

Luc and Teunie were very nice folks. They invited me over today for tea and a desert, though I opted for coffee instead. Luc is called “Luke” and Teunie I called “Tony” because my tongue did not want to wrap around their native pronunciation, though it was similar to “Tony”.

Below are a couple of pics that I took for them to attach to their homeward bound emails. This was the first contact they have had with their friends and relatives since arriving in the U.S. two weeks ago.

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