Arrival: Camp Bryce – Bryce Canyon national Park (aka Hoodoo Land)

I actually arrived at Bryce on June 3. However, Barth positional difficulties and a busy schedule dictated that I wait until today to post said arrival.

Campsite in North CG, loop B is certainly less than spacious. But if ones interest lies outside the place of sleep, then it is certainly acceptable at a Golden Age cost of $7.50 per night. But you had better rush out to take advantage of such passes, as Obama will definitely take care of that shortly. “No increased taxes on the middle class means “raise the cost everything else, plus new taxes.”

Garry steps off of the soapbox.

Here and at Zion I visited with family. Not having kids or wife I encountered chaos the like of which I have never endured. And I must say, I did so with more than my average level of patience. It was great to see the relatives that I had not seen for 18 months or so. The quickly growing small ones as well as the quickly aging grown-ups.

More pics to follow of Bryce Hoodoodom.

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