Bouncing camp grounds at Zion

The first night (Thur.) was at a commercial CG just outside the park ($35) West end. I could not go through the tunnel at the East end because of overall length exceeding 50 ft. so had to drive the long way to get to the Weat entrance. After waiting for L. Ranger to be released from the sanitarium in Page, I arrived too late to obtain an in-park site.

Friday I moved to the South CG, dry camping ($8 GAP rate). Sunday I move to the reserved site at Watchman CG ($9 GAP rate) with electric hookup until the move to Bryce NP.

Temps vary from 50’s to high 80’s. Two thunderstorms accompanied by rain interrupted my attempt to shovel NM mud from Barth. Alas, it will probably rain again today. I am beginning to miss the weather in dry Southeastern AZ due to encountering showers and rain.

Today I will complete house cleaning, take a drive, take pictures to post here.

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