Completing Page

 Ok, so I never started Page, AZ! I must have forgotten to click the ‘publish’ button.

Simple. I stopped at Uncle Wally’s to overnight after my grueling (for me) 350 mile 8 hour drive from Chama. Uneventful, just long. Some beautiful scenery that changed from green to blah desert at Farmington, then from blah to spectacular rock cliffs at Page, I took the opportubity to purchase supplies and to attempt to get L. Ranger’s low power fixed.

L. Ranger’s problem was not fixed by the filter replacements. But The gas filter was very ready for replacement, and the mouse nest that was found inside the air cleaner needed, er, servicing. Disgusting. I wondered how many mouse caracsses are wrapped around the valve stems.So no wasted money. The shop was operated by three Navajos. I never knew what they were saying as they spoke in their native language. Yatahay! (Ya’ah’tee)

I was at a used car dealer, sent there to pay the bill. Strange, I never had a mechanic shop hand me the bill and tell me to go down the road to pay it. Ever heard of the urge to keep going? Anyways, there a few Navajos were shopping presumably. They were paying from cash in a large roll of bills. Chatting with two Navahos that seemed to be waiting, as I was waiting to pay the bill, I told him about the garage I had used. “They probably would have known how to fix your problem it you had brought them a horse or sheep”, said he. He also told me to to bother stopping in Colorado City as I drove through, as there are no available women there.

Speaking of the Navajo, they are very prevalant in Page. They almost run Uncle Wally’s mansion. About as many as there are Mexicans in my home area. But a big difference. They are soft-talking, quiet, and very friendly, helpful.

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