Partly sunny today – finally!

I was so elated at the sun that a trip ensued. I needed a CD to put Lee’s movie on, and found blank CDs cheap at the Dollar Store. The only place in town with computer stuff also photographs train trippers. He was on the C&T, and it had derailed somewhere in the mountains. He probably had an additional opportunity to sell the tourists some great pics to take home. But he was not in his shop. Hence the shot in the dark at the Dollar Store that paid off.

The Chama area is absolutely beautiful in the sun. Green everywhere. Trees. Undulating landscape. Great temperatures. Nothing like the flat grasslands and barren deserts that I have been traveling in through NM.

I found easy access propane in Chama so I will top off there. The propane tank is on fumes. It is not easy to find a supplier that can accept a RV pull up close enough without detaching the tow to allow backup in remote areas. I will depart tomorrow or Wednesday camp one more time for a couple of days about half way to Zion. Probably Wed. so that I can mail the CD to Lee to review.

This the first movie I have created with multi film clips, overlays, still inserts, soundtrack, transition effects. The software I am using has a significant learning curve. It is also buggy which does not help things. But I am determined to complete the project even though I have not been given the pleasure of using the footage from the second camera.

There has already been a large exodus from Heron SP despite this being only the first (partly) sunny day since I arrived. Even so I have run the generator only 90 minutes. But after a day of crock pot load on the solar with imperfect sun, I may have to run a few minutes at nightfall.

And do not forget to thank all you encounter that served in the Armed Forces, war time or not.

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