Arrival: Camp Heron – Lake Heron State Park

Barth smiles on the lake.

Campsite view.

Las Vegas NM to Santa Fe was just a ho-hum interstate drive. But the scenery turned geougeous when I headed North from Santa Fe. After all, I am almost in CO.

When I left Las Vegas my destination was Navajo Lake State Park. However a quick stop and a few inquiries about boondocking in Chama revealed that the village is controlled by the RV parks. I was warned at the Welcome(?) Center that the owner of the empty buildings in front of which I parked would have me towed if I stayed there very long. I parked there because the Welcome Center had inadequate parking for Barth. Welcome Center?

But a short informative discussion revealed that I might be able to get my rig into Heron Lake SP. I called and was directed to a camping area that might suffice. As the pics above attest, I did so and it did. Heron Lake has no Primitive parking area per se. But the no-hookup areas could easily be called primitive, though not dispersed, as the sites are delineated.

So I am happy for a few days here, assuming the Chama Village Fathers (i.e. RV Park owners) don’t ticket Ranger when I go back to village to visit.

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