Arrival: Camp Storrie (Storrie Lake State Park)

Seeing a State Park for the first time is kind of like seeing the unknown lady with the sweet voice on the other end of the phone for the first time; never what you had visualized before arrival. And so it is with Storrie lake.

Barth is happy.

Pros: cool, uncrowded and those arses at the last place are not here invading my camp running the industrial generator 30 feet from my rig all day long (no exaggeration). Sheesh, I did not pay $5000 bucks for solar to listen to that.

Cons: Beside highway, fewer trees than lead to believe and the turf is not level. But lets face it, if the banks of a lake were level, then there would be no lake. Annie the Dog has become rejuvenated by the cooler temperatures.

Travel from Sumner was uneventful. Found a spot with a quiet zone around it, at least for now. Looking like rain, and I need sun for my low batteries! (Now, exactly why did I invest $5000 into solar?).

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