Arrival: Bottomless Lake SP

Arrived at Camp Bottomless Lakes SP this morning, after annoying incidents at a fuel stop and a mis-directed detour at the park’s Southern entrance.

We came to a consensus that without more info, not to be had, that we were waiting at Brantley SP in vain for others to show up. So an an attempt to close the gap by moving to Bottomless, we discovered two ‘of us’ that are heading to Brantley Monday, and three ‘of us’ that left Bottomless for Brantley today. Needless to say not I.

I am moving toward cooler temps at 7000 ft. and that ain’t South. I will attempt to re-connect with the core group if they ever get near me. But then I do not know when that might be. they were ‘scheduled’, and emphatically so, to leave Alamogordo on Tuesday for Brantley, less a few that wanted to play with the balloons in Roswell. Now I hear Thursday, and that hasn’t happened yet. So much for ’emphatically stated’ schedules.

Guess that is what happens when a casual trip is over-booked, with new ones joining daily, and no way to determine the plans of those that temporarily wander away. I have bothered to report my location, but I will cease to do so, as that approach has not triggered a like response by others, leaving me completely in the dark.

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