Night of January 16th

I attended the local Deming rendition of Ayn Rand’s play “Night of January 16th” yesterday. Given that my expectations were low, sitting through the play was not unpleasant, except for the discussion between my bones and the less-than-comfortable chair and the enforced containment therein. Fortunately there were three acts to allow a stretch. My interest in the play was primarily due to the author. So I now know what the play is and is not to prepare me in case a more professional rendition is encountered down the road.

The local audience related to the actors well because they are all local Deming-ites. Even though the play was undoubtedly a serious event as originally presented, the local version was cast as a comedy, and did evoke an occasional smile.

Some descriptive excerpts from Wikipedia:

Never mind, just go read it at Wikipedia.

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