Early voting, fait accompli

As an evasive maneuver to avoid actual work around the place, I decided to vote early yesterday. So I called to be sure I could do so, then drove to Bisbee the county seat to vote. Always a nice drive. At the county offices I found two rickety manual booths both available. Since Annie the Dog stayed home, I had a discussion with myself about the best one to use. I found that I indeed was registered. So I voted. Fait accompli.

At Bisbee I stumbled upon Dot’s Diner. Not a simulated diner, a real diner. Seats eight. Stands none. Great and real shakes. Great and real burgers. Unfortunately Dot is selling out and moving to a touristy ‘downtown’ location in a month or so. As usual, my discovery was a dollar short and a day late.

That was well and good. But I extended the drive to $25 (all distances are measured in $ these days). Drove through Bisbee, Tombstone, Mustang Corners, Huachuca City, Sierra Vista and back home. Spent $4.50 on a Barth repair part. Spent $170 on groceries, mostly meat products. Perishables. Not suitable for catastrophic event food storage, so I probably should eat them as quickly as possible.

Finally, on the way home at Hereford, I looked for Hereford. I have been looking for 10 years. I still could not find it.

Where in the world is Hereford, AZ? I am becoming convinced that this is in a Twilight Zone, or perhaps a misplaced Bermuda Trianglett. Every time I enter the area I become lethargic and non-productive.

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