Today’s progress

Relative to the Barth, today wasn’t as active as one might have planned.

  • The water tank was filled.
  • The chassis (engine) batteries were serviced. House batteries are non-serviceable.
  • A couple of electrical covers/panels which were left dangling last fall were reinstalled.
  • Part of the clothing drawers were emptied and cleaned – yikes, meese evidence!
  • The operation of the newly installed propane leak detector was reverified.
  • The dash radio was reinstalled. It had been removed in anticipation of switching to a new one, but that project has been delayed. The radio is used for all audio; MPG, CD, TV, XM, AM/FM. In order to avoid difficult wiring work, miniature FM transmitters are being used to send sound to the radio in FM mode.

I must divert more time to the moho for about a week. I have RV friends visiting about the first week in Nov. and I hope to have Barth and the house in order so that I will be ready to take a trip myself shortly thereafter.

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