Contemplating maintenance trip to Phoenix

After visiting various maintenance facilities in my travels, I am extremely wary. Truck centers, motorhome dealers and independent shops all share a common characteristic: unreliable, untrustworthy, even dishonest. Beware before you submit your motorhome to any shop – it is best to be there and watch. They do stupid things that even a humble non-mechanical owner can spot.

I witnessed an example that was more a safety than functional issue locally. The mechanic had purged the air bags which crushed the oil drain pan under the engine (a large pan, as we are talking 12 gallons here). So I raised the motorhome using the hydraulic jacks, the mechanic repositioned the pan then asked me to lower the motorhome. Yeah, right. Even after explaining that lowering the jacks are a quick drop, the mechanic insisted on staying under the motorhome. I refused to cooperate until he was not under.

I have also paid too many time for shoddy work that was a wrong diagnosis. I have been cheated by road service contracts (Coachnet). The list goes on.

But at the recommendation of Spartan motors, the manufacturer of my chassis, I have found a Spartan shop in Phoenix that seems reliable and diligent if not cheap. The shop is Massey, in West Phoenix, West of I12.

I am considering a service and alignment check by them to fine tune the handling of the rig. They did an excellent job on ride height adjustments, and in a call to them recently I was heavily interrogated, as they do not want the responsibility of working on a rig that may not need it, thereby wasting the owner’s money and possibly loosing a customer.

A commendable response – I am still mulling it over.

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