Eagle Plains, YT

Where is Eagle Plains?

Ok, so I am now on the way to Inuvik. I am at the mid point, a small settlement (restaurant, gas station, motel, and all employees live in motel). Everyone stops here, at least for gas, as there is no other gas on the road. Your car has to go at least 225 miles without a fillup, or you are in trouble.

I had a restaurant meal, paid to park the Barth for two days, and turned in for the day. Skittles for desert.

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Dawson City, YT

Where is Dawson City, Yukon, Canada?

After a delay to repair a flat tire on the Jeep, I departed Chicken yesterday and arrived at Dawson, YT, Canada. The flat happened while in Chicken, fortunately, since they have the ability to plug a tire.

Back in Canada again!

A weather system came through yesterday which blew the smoke away and rained. However, this morn in Dawson the smoke is beginning to settle back in again.

I am investigating options for driving to Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada, near the Arctic Ocean, above the Artic Circle. I am told that the gravel road is a excellent and suitable for RV traffic. I am concerned about places to park along the way with a large rig, so I may drive the Jeep and tent camp along the way. I figure on 3 days minimum for the round trip, and four being more practical.

So I was in Dawson for 2 nights.

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Burwash Landing

Where is Burwash Landing?

Burwash Landing is a little State Park, but adequate. Nothing much in this area, not even good to look at!

The highway from Destruction Junction is awful to drive in a large motorhome. “Waves” and frost heaves so severe, I have to drive 35 – 40 just to be able to keep the MH on the road. It is like riding a bucking bronco with seat belts. Each day I have to repack a lot of stuff that gets pitched out of the cupboards during the day.

It is very difficult to maintain roads in a drivable condition in this climate. However, driving in an auto would be much more pleasant.

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